Swing Hard!!

Swing Hard!!

Swing Hard!!

That was one of first words of advice I ever heard. They came from my father. For my inaugural post to this blog, it is certainly more than appropriate that it comes from him.

Dad always wanted my brother and me to always do the best we could in any activity whether it was learning a musical instrument or playing a sport. He would always work with us to help us with our technique. We would review the fundamentals and look for ways to improve. He would make sure we had time to practice getting those fundamentals down so at game time, we were ready to perform and perform well.

After each practice and game, we would talk about what improvements we might make and how we can become better players. Then we would hit the practice field and work on those adjustments until they came natural. He knew the better we performed, the more success and fun we would have.

Even today, when facing business or personal challenges, he still continues to be a great coach and mentor. His advice:
1. Review the fundamentals
2. Look for areas to improve
3. “Swing hard!!”

Perform your best and enjoy the success!



About Tim DeWitt

An experience business executive, speaker and writer with a background in marketing, product management, professional services and software engineering.

3 responses to “Swing Hard!!”

  1. Kraig says :

    Sounds like good advice for anyone.

  2. 5 Hour Energy Shot No Crash says :

    There is definately a lot to know about this topic. I really like all
    of the points you have made.

  3. Timothy Smothers says :

    Good advice, just need to ensure either yourself or a partner follow the ball after the swing in order you make a suitable approach. Must have a focus, direction, accountability, and a HARD SWING!

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